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Industrial graphics

T.D.Design Ltd. is ready surprise you by the high quality of its industrial graphicworks. The professionalism of our graphic designers is combined with the technical experience of our engineers to give you a perfect visual communication experience.


What is industrial graphics?

Industrial graphics is the plurality of graphical representations that, by specific techniques, optimizes the transmission of technical information at any level in the industry.
Industrial Graphics creates vector images or raster that do not follow an artistic concept, but rather facilitates technical understanding and communication. Vector images, as opposed to raster, are mathematically defined by a series of points connected by lines - graphics so made ​​are called "objects", ie entities with defined properties (outline, shape, color, effects, position) which can be modified at any time without affecting other entities.

A vector image is the graphical representation which maintains its quality and clarity regardless of the size at which it is brought.These graphical representations are a very useful tool in the technical communication and training. The most sophisticated technical or technological concepts can thus be accessible at any professional level. Industrial Graphics convertsthe technical information into images that can be understood more easily. They are included in the user instructions, service and maintenance manuals, on the sites or technical applications, in presentation drawings, posters, leaflets or commercial catalogues.